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SMART BOARD_Brian, Ashley, Mary

Mini-Teach Project Guidelines and AssistanceSideBarMini-Teach Project Guidelines and Assistance


Welcome to the Innovations Wiki (Bercu)


  • Use the sidebar to link to a new page for your Innovation topic. (One page per topic.)
  • Use prior class wikis to get you started on relevant content.
  • SITE YOUR SOURCES through a reference section at the bottom of your page. NOTE: VERY few prior students have done this, so don't follow their example.
  • Provide authorship information on your page (your names & contact info, semester) 
  • Review the project overview, project and evaluation rubric.




Wikis  (Feb 9):    Jason, Art, Rick

Wikis  (Feb 10):  Claudia, Lori, Karen

Wikis  (Feb 10):   Sarah, Kelsi, Santiago


Google Calendars (Feb 12):  Mayren, Ashley

Google Calendars (Feb 17):  Brittany, Tracy, Nick


Smart Boards  (Feb 23):  Samantha, Liz

Smart Boards (Feb 24):  Brian, Ashley, Mary

Smart Boards (Feb 26):  Ashley, Katherine


Kidspiration/Inspiration (Feb 18):  Ashley, Angie

Kidspriation/Inspiration: (Mar 17): Carletta, Katie, Jenna

Kidspiration/Inspiration: (Mar 17): Elizabeth,  Rebecca, Carrie


Video Conferencing (Mar 18): Jessica, Amber, Irene


Video Conferencing (Mar 19): Fred, Ashley


Handhelds/GPS (Mar 23): Stephanie, Trisha, Julie

Global Positioning System.ppt


Google Earth/Maps (Mar 24):  Sharon, Lauren

Google Earth/Maps (Apr 16): Kevin, Brenda, Eric

Google Earth/Maps Megan, Tiffany


Social Bookmarking (Mar 31):  Noah, Sarah

Social Bookmarking (Mar 31):  Tressa, Rachel


Electronic Gradebooks (Apr 15): Stephanie, Hollie, Chris

Electronic Gradebooks  (Apr 16)  Tricianne, Rebecca, Adam

Electronic Gradebooks (Apr 16) Lauren, Denessa


Special Needs: (Apr 16): Audri, Tongarem, Lauren

Special Needs: (Apr 16): Eric, Katherine, Hillary

Special Needs: (Apr 15): Ashleigh, Lisa, Juana


Video Conferencing Evelyn, Laurell 

Video Conferencing 

Video Conferencing (Mar 19): Evelyn, Laurell 




Technical Know-How


1. Learn how to use PBwiki:The PBwiki Manual


2. If you prefer video, watch a recording of our popular webinar,PBwiki 101: Your Guide to Wiki Basics.


3. Need more help? Sign up for a Free introductory webinar


Innovation Mini-Teach Schedule


Examples from previous semesters


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