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Special Needs Technology in the Classroom

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By: Erica, Lauren, Hillary, & Katie



 *   Switches:   General_Switches-miniteach[1].docx 




 * Math Talk


     Math talk is a computer program that allows students to use voice commands to solve, create      and understand math problems.  Math levels available in: pre-algebra, algebra, calculus,      trigonometry, statistics, graphing, through Ph.D. and professional levels.


·       Math talk offers programs for a variety of abilities including visual impairment.  Programs available to help turn math problems to Braille and to create voice activated problems then translate them to Braille.



·       Math talk can also create graphs using voice commands.



·       Math talk allows student to solve multiplication problems by voice commands.



·       Math talk allows students to solve arithmetic addition problems through voice command: Watch Demo to understand a little bit better (http://mathtalk.com/demos.htm).



     Why is this program useful?



     Math talk reaches a variety of students who would otherwise not be able to meet math      requirements.  Math talk helps students who:



·       Are visually impaired

·       Cannot solve problems using pencil and paper

·       Do not have the ability to write (paraplegic)

·       Students who must verbalize math and have it read to them in order to understand it



Unknown. (2008).Video demos showing features of mathtalk.  From http://mathtalk.com/demos.htm




* Computer Software Programs 











 Text To Speech


  • Turn documents and other word processed items and turn it into audable rescources!
  • Great for students with Speech and Hearing Disabilities!
  • Some are FREE, but others have a download cost.
  • Some programs expand beyond just Microsoft Word and will even read email or text messages.




     Other Programs include READ180








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